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Thursday, 24 September 2015


aromatherapy food to help the eyes vitamin a is the most important nutrient for the health of the eye as it forms part of the chemical structure of their light sensitive areas, deficient of this vitamin can cause a dieses called zerothelma which effects people several malnourished who suffer from digestive complaints such as silact a definshie can also cause a form of night blindnes.As result as which British pilots where issued with carrots to eat during the second world wars We should eat lot of raw carrots pre fable old carrots which are rich in beta carotene other beta caterin are dark green vegetables such as spinage curly kale spring green mustard and cress water cress and parsley. and orange and yellow vegetables such as pumpkin sweet potatoes tomatoes and red pepper yellow and orange fruit are useable to dried apricots are rich in.vitamin a as are mangoes pay paya cant loop melon quinine and guavas foods with plenty of vitamin a as retinal are animals sources such as cod liver oil liver fried calf liver contains 39,000 70080 milligrams of retinal per 100 gram ie 4 oz cheddar cheese and eggs milk has some vitamins a particular in the summer as does cream human milk contains more a than cows or sheep one of the main .sons why babies benefit from being breast feed . Treating problems some herbal infusions can calm irate red or tired eyes use chervil lovage fennel seeds lettuce camellia or walnut leaves. Just looking at the colour orange seems to calm tired eyes and strengthen them sit and look at a bed of marigolds for instance a infusion of marigolds or as well as dandle lion flowers can help the eyes in the same way Parsley juice can be used on a compress for the eyes as can grated potatoes or apple the minerals within the fruits or vegetables hope to dispense toxins and swellings slices of cucumber .potatoes or apple can be used as compress. Aromatherapy therapeutic foods for the eye .herbs parsley fruit apple dried apricots guava mango melon pa paya quince vegetables carrot cucumber fennel greens lettuce red pepper potatoes pumpkin tomatoes water cress .spin age other cod liver oil dairy products offal nuts and seeds pecan nuts cashew nuts pistachio nuts sunflower .seeds pumpkin seeds herbal drinks red berry tea ie raspberries black .current fruits oranges raspberry's black currents blueberries .strawberries mango oranges tin of pineapple .fruits to help with the eyes kiwi has beta carotene and .helps the retina foods with beta caterine pineapple apple ie green or red apple kale almond .grapefruit .oily fish mackerel or salmon help with eye vision .basil helps with inflammation and arthritis sweet potatoes and tomatoes have lutine and help .with eye health .rosemary helps with macular degeration .pun kin helps with eye protections nuts pumpkin seeds help with eye sight and cash new helps with eye sight pecan nut helps with .macular degeration pistachio helps with eye sight almond has vitamin c .almond helps with heart health apples helped with brain function and memory and .contains vitamin c .salmon and spin age together help with the retina broccoli peas and avocado help with macular .degeration eggs help with protection of night bliness and dry .eye and helps the eye to function . sweet either fresh or tin is good for the eyes kidney beans black eyes beans and lentils help to .protect the retina and help with macular degeration supplements like fish oil flat seed blackcurrant oil .help with macular degeration and dry eye syndrome peppercorn steak or lean beef can help with eye .health .either fresh or tin tuna helps with the retina. Shellfish of crab prawns and crayfish helps with the .eyes.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Arthritis 4s a painfully condition that effects people health or mobility. It effects parts of the body hands arms shoulders hips legs knees gout back pain sciatic pain feet . Ostoarthrithrus and rheumatoid arthritis both originate from an inflammatory conditions using essential joints. The inflammation can be reduced which also can provide pain relief but does not reverse damage if the condition has progressed of destruction of joint the point . Doctors have used essential oils on patients suffering with rheumatic arthritis by using lemon and mur on the effective area shoeed by using these oils topical help to sooth the inflammatory area in the joints . lavenders essential oils of peppermint winter green algeside properties lavender and citrus oils algesice properties in them.algesives properties have inflamtory and anti The difference between osteoarthrithrus and rheumatic both types of arthritis result in osetoarthrithrus and rheumatic both have inflammatory parts in the body the pain can result from minor to severe pain This osteoarthrithrus is known as degeration and wear and tear of joints occasionally due to ageing over body .overweight lifting over exercise and stressed out in the body due to Each joint of the body has a bone to bone contact where contacting surface of the bones are covered with a smooth coating of cartilage. To aid in lubrication and joint movement there also what is called symovial arthritis fluid within the joints. Incases of oestoearthrithrus the cartilage is worn down or degenerating and eventually results in more bone bone on bone contact. This produces inflammatory in bone and the surrounding area and may trigger the formation of bone spurs on the bones. Ruematicarthrithrus Is a long-term condition that causes pain swelling and stiffness in the joints. The hands, feetand wrists are commonly affected but it can also cause problems in other parts of the body. Thersyste. There may be periods where your symptoms become worse known as a flare up can be difficult to predict, but with treatment it is possible to decrease the number of flares and minimise prevention long-term damage to joints. essentials oils to help with these arthritis conditions Rose hip tablet helps with inflammatory and helps with pain you can buy aoill that you can apply neat on the skin by massaging the oil into the effective area it works because i have talked to a person who uses it for chronic pain in his hands and he says the pain goes straight away when he applies it. oregano and citrus oils help with painful arthritis ostoarthrithrubay leaf help with pain and inflammation tea tree helps with the relief and inflammation in arthritis cedar wood helps decongest lymphatic system and helps with poor circulation frankensie help with muscle ache and muscle pain 5 ways to use essential oils l avender is very beneficial for its areainflammatorroperties apply where the pain or effective area s slehelps with inflammations in the joints majarone is known for its muscle spasm stiff muscle arthritis oesteoarthrithrus and pain apply with a carrier oil on the direct area eccupsliothis oil has anti inflammatory properties apply with a carrier oil ie coconut apply directly to the pain or effective area rosemary this oil has anti inflamtory and algesive properties apply directly on the area of pain or use in a diffuser can be used for arthritis pai and swelling for arthrithrusn peppermint is known for its anti inflammatory properties can be used for oesteoarthrithrus for knee pain rheumatic pain and arthritis pain sweet birch and lemon both have inflamatory properties to help with pain due to arthrithrus ginger has inflamatory properities you can use this oil applyied with a carrier oil to massage the infective area to take away the pain roman or german chamillie swelling with people with arthrithrus reduces with inflamatory properties and helps with pain

Thursday, 18 June 2015


alliges histamine allergies are when a person nose smell ie cut grass or fresh flowers the season starts from April to winter histamine is when a person gets itchy eyes runny nose or suffer from asthma its when the body defensives come into defence when the nose smell fresh flowers or if the itchy eyes become swollen that its the body defence against the immuine systemn histamine you can use aromatherapy to help with allergies also stress can bring on allergies essential oils are lavender to fight infection and histamine and has anti inflammatory helps with hay fever insects bites and if they come inflamed helps the body to stay calm and relax the body lemon to help fight infection peppermint for interaction flamintory tea tree for its sinuses and breathing conditions rosemary for its breathing conditions it helps and de congestion ginger for its convention for fighting colds papaya for its pain cinnamon for its anti infection fennel anti inflamer basil for insect bites breathing how to use essential oil lavender if your sinuses are playing up add 2-3 drops on your checks on the fore head and the head this will help with your sinuses another way is to apply 2-3 drops of lavender oil into the palm of your hand and breath in the oil you can apply lavender oil to the soles of the feet to help with allergies ginger you can cut 2-3 stripes of ginger and add to hot water and drink it to help with allergies another way either is to have a bath or shower with ginger in it papaya you can drink the juice to help peppermint you can drink peppermint tea or you can buy peppermint oil to massage into the skin or you can apply it to the cheeks temples and the back of the neck to help with throat conditions or if you suffer from breathing apply peppermint to the chest and massage it in tea tree you can buy tea tree wipes from home bargains which you apply to the face and it helps with runny eyes and stuffy nose you can apply tea tree to the chest area by massaging the oil into the skin it helps with breathing rosemary you can apply 2-3 drops in a small bowl with Luke warm water to help with breathing or you can apply rosemary oil into the chest area by massaging the oil into the skin to help with breathing basil you can apply to insect bites apply the oil to chest area by massaging into the skin you can use basil leaves for tea to drink stress essential oils vanilla for to improve your mood and make you happy skin moisturizer orange to help with depression and help you to sleep strawberry to improve your mood helps moisturizer the skin and hair the above oils can be used by applying 2-3 drops under your pillow orange,lemon,vanilla,strawberry you can use to have a body massage or aromatherapy massage these oils you can apply to your hair strawberry helps with moisturizing the hair and keeps it shiny

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

bowls match report

Match report Its that time of the month when the bowling season starts again the 5 may 2015 Leicestershire v Humberstone ladies this is our 50th anniversary there was 3 rinks of 24 people playing we had played 9 ends when we went in for lunch 2 of the Leicestershire visually impaired team was winning when we came out after lunch it was raining heavily so unfortunately we had to cancelled the match so it meant 2 of the Leicestershire visually impaired team won 10 June 215 Leicester v baggworth this match is a home match at victoria park in Leicester we played 14 ends the weather was cloudy but sunny and warm the end result for Leicester was one team draw the other team lost by 2 points and the other team lost Tuesday 16 June belgrave v Leicester visually impaired this match was at belgrave ground we played 18 ends straight through the weather was sunny and muggy 2 of the matches lost

Monday, 8 June 2015

food to help with macular degeration

I thought i would write about foods that can help and control macular degeration by eating foods that contain vitamin c lutin and green vegetables pecan nuts helps with vision in the retina punk in seeds help with zinc that helps with bones and has protein in it foods with vitamin c t bags with strawberry raspberry help with vision I have tried these foods and they work guava red bell peppers all colours pineapple strawberries orange fresh and orange juice papaya rasperberries blackberries blueberry lemons and lemon juice Brussels keel broccoli kiwi cantaloupe beans all types of cabbage mango cauliflower sugar snap peas white potatoes mustard green snow pees greens turnips clemtimes raspberries black currents water melon okra per lychees summer squash Foods with vitamin e almonds and almond butter sunflower seeds sunflower butter wheat spinnage dandelion greens sweet chard pine nuts turnip greens peanut and peanut butter flat seed oil red bell peppers collard green avocado olives olive oil mango Foods with beta carrottina sweet potatoes carrot kale button nut squash turnip greens pumpkin greens cantaloupe beans red bell pepper apricots Chinese cabbage spinage lettuce and darker green leaves of lettuce water cress grapefruit sweet Chad red cherries mango tomatoes guava and red cabbage anti oxygen with zinc and lutin which is a mineral which helps to maintain the retina and macular deration Foods to help with zinc oysters lobsters crab lean beef ostrich skinless chicken variety of dark meat turkey lean lamb clams mussels yogurt pumpkin seeds lean fat pork ie tender loin beans like navy pentio beans kidney beans soy beans gazpacho beans lentils black eye peas limma beans pine nuts cashew nuts peanuts and peanut butter sunflower seed and sunflower butter pecans nuts Foods to help wit lutian dandelion greens mustard greens watercress peas summer squash button nut squash winter squash ancon squash pumpkin broccoli Brussels sprouts dark lettuce okra asparagus anti choke green beams green bell peppers omg fatty fish with food in it salmon fresh or tinned herrings mackerel sardines antivives rainbow trout chia ground seeds osysters flat seeds walnuts seed weed walnut oil flat seed oil cantaloupe oil soy beans emminia beans Food to help with vitamin b6 fresh salmon or tinned rainbow trout pork tendon loin skinless chicken tuna turkey pistachio nuts bananas chick peas light fish halibut haddock cod potatoes white and sweet spin age acorn winter squash lentils avocados red bell peppers Foods to help with vitamin b 12 shell fish clams oysters crab rainbow trout fresh or tinned salmon soy milk lean beef veggie burgers tuna canned cottage cheese low fat low fat yogurt semi skin milk Foods to helps with bowls lentils black eyed peas soy beans emminia beans turnip greens spin age mustard greens oats greens green peas okra beans green beans artichokes parsnips oranges oranges juice broccoli Brussels sprouts flat seeds and sunflower seeds wheat germ seed weed papaya berries strawberries blackberries beans kidney gazpacho cod cauliflower whole grain pasta Chinese cabbage

lawnbowls how to play the game

Page 1. Rules: I play visually impaired bowls the game is played the same as a normal game but the difference with visually impaired bowls we put a string down the whole green i thought i would add this imformation i found it explains lawwn bowls simply i hope this imformation helps you Lawn Bowls or Flat Green Bowling Rules and the Object of the Game. VALE OF LEVEN BOWLING CLUB. Lawn Bowling. How to Play. @ Home Page @ ContactEMao @ Club News. 0 History. @ Results and Statistics # Calendar and Matches @ Social Calendar. @ Clubhouse Facilities @ Honours. @ Club Rules and Bylaws @ Lawn RowlinQ Etiauette @ The "Locker Room". @ Club Membership *Associated Clubs. @ Lawn Bowls for Sale @ Rogues' Gallery. 0 Club Mailing List @ Seniors' Section @ Ladies' Section. Junior Section @ indoor Bowling. @ Lawn Bowls Links @ The Game of Bowls. @ Lawn Bowls Coaching @ Green Maintenance. Rath. VIEW SITE MAP FREE DOWNLOADS REPORT A PROBLEM. VIEW ARCHIVED PAGE'S. Search this website. Search. Lawn Bowls - The Object of the Game. Page 1 of 5. Introduction I cannot provide a full description of the rules and objectives of Lawn Bowls here but hopefully I can provide a brief insight into our game of bowls and how it is played. You can also reed a bit about the history of the game at our Lawn Baru€s FEistor~gtaae. Like most sports bowls uses its own language so I have provided a glossary of common lawn bowls lanrguaae at the bottom of this page. I have also included a Lawn Bowls Frequently Asked Questions page. The answers to these questions refer to the Scottish Bowling Association rules but will be broadly similar in other national associations. Have a look at them, some of them may surprise even the most experienced bowlers. Playing the Game of Lawn Bowls. It is said that Lawn Bowls is a game that can be played by anyone aged from nine to ninety and in my time in the game I have come across several nonagenarian players. It does tend to have a crusty, "old people's game" image due largely to the use of sponsors like Saga and over 55's insurance companies. The reality is somewhat different and at county level in Scotland the average player's age is probably somewhere in the thirties. Competitive bowling can be an exhausting game and in matches players are expected to perform for three to four hours without a break. During these games they can walk two or three miles and bend up and down about 100 times. Its no wonder that bowlers traditionally suffer from both back and knee injuries. Add to that the concentration and effort required and you can see why we need a seat and a few beers after the match! The Game is played on a Bowling Green. The surface is generally grass but in some of the hotter, drier countries artificial surfaces are increasingly being used. In countries with long winters, like the UK and Canada, many indoor bowling centres have sprung up where the game is played on a carpet like surface. While the weight required to deliver the bowl changes on these surfaces the rules and objectives of the game are essentially the same. Lawn Bowls are available in different sizes with a mid sized men's bowl being between 116mm and 131mm in diameter. They are made of a hard plastic material which is able to withstand the constant contact between bowls during play. Their weight should not exceed 1.59kg. Until 2001 all lawn bowls were either black or brown in colour. The rules have now been changed to allow bowls in virtually any colour and the manufacturers have taken up the challenge by producing bowls in just about every colour imaginable, even pink! 30/03/2015. Page 2. Rules: Lawn Bowls or Flat Green Bowling Rules and the Object of the Game Page 2 of 5. During a game players deliver (roll) their bowls up the green in turn trying to finish closest to a smaller white ball called the "Jack". A bowling green is normally square and the Scottish Bowling Association rules say that it shall be not less than 34 metres and no more than 40 metres in the direction of play. It is surrounded by a shallow ditch. The perimeter of the ditch is surrounded by a bank, which should be not less than 230 mm above the surface of the green. The green is normally divided into six "rinks" allowing six games to take place concurrently. The rinks should be not less than 5.5 metres nor more than 5.8 metres wide. Surface wear is spreed by moving the rink settings laterally and by changing direction of play every two or three days, playing either across the green or up and down. Rink extremities are marked off by boundary markers with the centre of each being indicated by a "pin" which also carries a number for the rink. The rinks are numbered 1 through 6. Players deliver their bowls from one end to another during an "end" then, when the end is complete, they turn around and play back again. Lawn bowls are not spherical, they are shaped on one side such that they follow a curved track to the jack. They carry a mark to indicate to which side the bias is applied. As shown on the adjacent diagram the bowls can be delivered on the "forehand" or the "backhand" depending on the players preference or where bowls that have alreedy been played are located. The curved path helps the player to find a way past bowls that have been delivered short of the jack. Note that bowls may travel outside the boundaries of the rink during their course as long as they come to rest within these boundaries. The players must stand on a rubber mat when delivering their bowl. The mat is placed on the centreline of the rink with its front end no less than 2m from the rear ditch or less than 25m from the front ditch. Its position is chosen by the player who throws the jack to start the end. During an end the bowl nearest to the Jack is referred to as "the shot". You may hear players on the mat asking, "who is lying the shot?". The player who first delivers the jack must ensure that it is properly centred. If it comes to rest within two metres from the front edge of the green it must be moved out to a mark at that distance. The player delivering the jack can choose the length to play it, but it must finish at least 23m in a straight line of play from the front edge of the mat. The players then take turns to deliver their bowls. When all the bowls have been delivered the number of "shots" is counted. A shot is a bowl which is nearer the jack than any of your opponents bowls. For example, if you have three shots nearer the jack than any of your opponents bowls you score three shots at that end. bowling.htm 30/03/2015. Page 3. Rules: Lawn Bowls or Flat Green Bowling Rules and the Object of the Game Page 4 of 5. intimidating shot to have in your armoury but many players have difficulty controlling their direction when concentrating their efforts on so much weight. Well, that's a brief introduction to the game of bowls that should give you some idea what its all about. Hopefully, for those of you who don't play the game but watch it on television, it will make your viewing more enjoyable. If you have any questions or comments on the above or if you see any errors or typos please feel free to but bear in mind that we are not an official body. We cannot answer formal questions on the rules the game. Lawn Bowling Glossary. BIAS Bias is the amount of curve that a bowl will take during its course to the jack. Bowls are available with several different biases for use in different conditions and competitions. As part of the manufacturing process all bowls are tested against "Master Bowl", which defines the limits of this bias. Click this link for a description of this ; r process. BURNED END. A Burned or "burnt" End is one where the lack has been moved outside the boundaries of the rink by a bowl in play. In normal competition Burned Ends must be replayed. DELIVER/DELIVERY Deliver is the term used for throwing or rolling a bowl. The delivery is the action of delivering a bowl. A bowler with a good delivery can be compared to a golfer with a good swing. DRAW The term draw can have several meanings in bowling. As a noun it can refer to the type of shot being played. A "dead draw" is an attempt to deliver the bowl as close as possible to the target (generally the jack). It can also be used as a verb. You may hear a skip issuing an instruction such as, "Just draw to the jack". DRIVE A drive is type of shot in bowling where the player delivers the bowl with maximum force toward the target. Otherwise know in Scotland as a "blooter"! END An end of bowls comprises the placing of the mat, the delivery of the jack and the playing of all the required bowls of all of the opponents in one direction on the rink. GUARD A Guard is a bowl played to a position that restricts the opposition from getting to the target. HEAD The head refers collectively to the lack and the bowls that have been delivered and come to rest within the boundaries of the rink. HEAVY When a player unintentionally delivers a bowl beyond the jack or the intended target it is described as being Heavy. JACK The lack is the small white ball that is the target in bowls. You may also hear it referred to colloquially as the "White", the "Kitty" or the "Sweetie". JACK HIGH. If a bowl is Jack high it means that it has reached a position such that its nearest part is laterally aligned with the jack. Effectively it means that the bowl and jack are level. LEAD A Lead is the person who plays first in pairs triples or fours (rinks) game. The lead is responsible for setting the mat and delivering the jack to start the end. LINE OR ROAD. The Line or Road is the curved route taken to the jack. E.g. "You are a yard short but your line was good.". 30/03/2015. Page 4. Rules: Lawn Bowls or Flat Green Bowling Rules and the Object of the Game. At the conclusion of this typical end of bowls in a singles match each player has has played four bowls. Who is lying and how many shots have been scored. (Rest your cursor over the image of the bowls for the answer.). Types of Lawn Bowls Games and Matches. Page 3 of 5. Games of bowls can involve singles play or teams of two in pairs, three in triples or four in "rinks" games. Matches generally involve a number of teams from one club playing another club. For example a match could involve six rinks or 24 players (6x4) per team. Touchers. The jack can be moved by the bowls during play. When a bowl moves the jack it is left in the new position provided it remains within the rink boundary markers. It can also be pushed into the ditch by a bowl. In this case it remains in the ditch and the players must try to play their bowls as close as possible to the jack, at the edge of the green, without falling into the ditch. A bowl which moves the jack is marked with chalk and classed as a "Toucher". If it touches the jack before falling into the ditch it stays there, remains "live" and may feature in the final shot count. A toucher that remains on the rink and is later driven into the ditch by another bowl is also a live bowl. A bowl that goes into the ditch and that has not touched the jack is classed as being "dead" and it is removed. All bowls which finish outside the side boundaries of the rink are dead. Lawn Bowls Tactics. Bowls is a highly tactical game. This is one of its attractions. It is not always about "drawing" closest the jack. Players must constantly anticipate what shot their opponents may play. For example when a team has a few bowls behind the head, (behind the jack), the opposing team may see the need to place a bowl amongst these to cover the possibility of the jack being moved. Similarly, if one side is alreedy lying the shot, they may elect to play a guarding shot short of the target area to prevent their opponents from moving anything. These are only two examples and there are many other situations, too many to discuss here, where tactics come into play. Types of Shots in Bowling. There are basically four different types of shot, or delivery in Lawn Bowling. These are ... The Draw. A Drawing Shot is the most common and it is really what the game is all about. This shot is the one in which the player attempts to play with the exact weight required to finish closest to the jack or to a point on the green dictated by strategy or tactics. This shot is often considered to be the most skillful. >i The Yard On. The "Yard On" shot is when the player plays his bowl with the weight that will carry it a yard or two past the target. The objective of this shot is usually to drag the jack away from the opponent's bowls towards your own or to push a bowl out of the "head" and take its place. This is often referred to as a "chap and lie" shot in Scotland. ' The Running Shot or Ditch Length Shot. The Running Shot is one which uses more weight than the yard on. The object of this shot is to remove opponents bowls from the head, to move the jack to the ditch or to seek some other result that requires the bowl to be played with weight. This can be a difficult shot to play as the line (bias) required to get to the target changes with different weight. The Drive. The Drive is probably the most spectacular shot on the bowling green. A drive is when the player delivers the bowl at high speed and with maximum weight so that he can strike the head or the target with full force. The object of this shot can be to completely remove opponent's bowls from the head or from the rink or to drive the jack into the ditch. It is also commonly used when a player has a few shots against him. In this case the object is to destroy the head or to "burn" the end by driving the jack out of the rink. This can be a very effective and. 30/03/2015. Page 5. Rules: Lawn Bowls or Flat Green Bowling Rules and the Object of the Game. Page 5 of 5. SECOND The Second in a triples or rinks (fours) game is the player who plays second. In the rinks game the second is responsible for marking the score card. SHORT A bowl that does not reach the jack or the intended target is described as being short. SHOT Shot can have several meanings. The shot or shots are the number of points scored in an end. It can also mean the type of delivery, e.g. a drawing shot, and during an end, the bowl that is currently nearest the jack. SKIP The Skip is the captain of a team in pairs, triples or rinks play. The Skip is always last to play and is responsible for directing the play during an end. The other players in a team must follow the Skip's instructions. THIRD The third is the third player to play in a rinks game. The third is normally responsible, with his corresponding opponent, for deciding the result of an end, i.e. who is lying the shot and how many shots have been scored. The skips however have the final say in this in the event of any dispute. TOUCHER A Toucher is a bowl that during its course touches the jack before finishing within the boundaries of the rink. A Toucher remains live even if it finishes in the ditch. WEIGHT Weight is the term used to refer to the power applied to a delivery. WOODS Before the introduction of plastic composition bowls they were made from the heaviest most dense wood available, Lignum Vitae. At this time bowls were often called Woods and some people still use this as a generic term for bowls. If you think that any other lawn bowling definitions should be included please let us know and we will add them. Home Page @ Contact/Mao @ Bowline Club News @ Club History @ Results and Statistics @ Club calendd r ;;eclat Calendar @ Clubhouse Facilities @ Honours @ Club Rules and Bylaws @ Bowling Green Etiquette. The "Locker Room" # Club Membership # Associated Clubs # Items for Salle* Rogue's Gallery @ Mailing List @ Senior section Ladi& ection @ Junior Section @ Indoor Bowling @ Bowline Links @ The Game of Bowls @ Green Maintenance. oc Vale of Leven Lawn Bowling Club, Middleton Street, Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, G83 ODX Web Design (UK) by Toucher Wei Design, Please contact us regarding website problems or feedback. 30/03/2015.


essential oils for headaches the types of headaches are stress and tension headaches hormone migraine tension headaches which are located on the forehead neck shoulders and back migraine hormone cluster headaches which come 3 times in the day menstrual headaches hormone general headaches nausea headaches sinus essential oils to help with tension lavender peppermint wintergreen clove bud eucalyptus ginger basil lemon frankincense by apply 2 drops of peppermint to the temples or back of the neck and shoulders helps with mild or tension headaches for general headaches eucalyptus helps ewith inflammation sinus headaches lavender hillospic tea tree clove bud rosemary migraine frankincense lavender majrone peppermint or spearmint hormone frankincense lemon grass rual clary sage grounding oils Cyprus frankincense other oils to help are geranium hellisps lavender rosemary sandal wood cluster nausea worry stress citrus oils lemon jasmine yang yang lavender menstrual frankincense lavender Cyprus geranium rosemary sndle wood for evening headaches Camille and roman chamomile and peppermint or spearmint for frequent headaches use walnut oil chronic lavender sprus yarrow strawberry spasm black pepper clove bud marjorone lavender roman chamilie eccuylpus hang over lemon orange lavender peppermint emotional cedar wood Cyprus roman and German chamomile lavend er rosemary rose marjorne burgomount lemon citrus oil if you have a splitting headache use peppermint on the back of your head on your temples forehead and back of the ear you can use these oils in topical massage applied to the effected area in aromatherapy showers baths in haulation in aromatherapy massage in hot or cold compressions if you massage the tip of the big toe there is located the head at the base of the big toe is the neck reflex area and 2 inches under the toes is the shoulder reflex